Seahawks Keys To Wild Upset Against Broncos In Week 1

September 10, 2022

The Seahawks face the Denver Broncos on Monday Night in Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle. What do they need to go right for them en route to a big-time upset?

Seahawks are mean in Action Green (4-1 in all-green and 7-1 wearing at least green jersey)

Honestly, a lot must go right for this Geno Smith-led team. As we alluded to previously, there is little pressure on this Seahawks squad for the 2022 season. As one of the tougher divisions in football, the NFC West may feature two or three playoff teams but all expert predictions lead to the Seahawks not being one of those teams. Let’s explore a few points that could lead to a Seahawks upset in Week One on Monday Night Football.

Keys To Seahawks Victory Monday Night

Russell Wilson isn’t meshing with Broncos offense

Any new member of a team has adjustments to make with new schemes, new coaches and new teammate relationships. Is there a possibility Russ hasn’t built a strong bond yet with his talented wide receivers? It’s entirely possible. It’s not uncommon for those bonds to strengthen mid-season – that’s why it’s called ‘mid-season form’.

Broncos offense becomes one-dimensional and predictable with lack of run game

Javonte Williams, Denver’s RB1 for this game, had a 900-yard rushing season in 2021. However, I think we all expect Russ to use his new weapons Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy. There is absolutely a scenario in this game where Wilson is so fixated on his new wide receivers and pass-centric offense that Denver’s offense becomes predictable. If Diggs and Adams can assist the Seahawks untested corners, a strong defensive performance is not out of the realm of possibility.

Seahawks Offensive Line Draft Picks show out

Abraham Lucas and Charles Cross need to step up in this game and make a big impact. Obviously, one game will not define their careers. But we want to at least see them offer some protection that has been lacking since the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl in 2014 and 2015. A strong offensive line performance will be crucial against the Broncos pass rush featuring star linebackers Randy Gregory and Bradley Chubb.

Geno Smith is able to use offensive weapons Metcalf, Lockett, and Fant

What do we usually expect from a new starting quarterback? Generally, they lean on the run game and a limited playbook. But if the Seahawks want an upset, they need to play to their strengths. With Chris Carson retiring, the team loses an incredible playmaker, who albeit struggled with injuries much of his career. Luckily, Geno will have no shortage of talent around him on offense as a “safety blanket.” A key factor in this game will be if Geno Smith can get into a rhythm with these stars.

Upset Alert?

All of the above-mentioned will have to happen for the Seahawks to upset the Broncos on Monday Night Football. Strangely enough, the Seahawks play their best in the action green jerseys, and not to mention homefield advantage with the 12s at Lumen Field. Is it a long shot? Absolutely. Have stranger things happened in NFL games? Also, yes. From our point of view, it’s going to be a good competitive game in the first Monday Night Football slot of the season.

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